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     Today's first experience with Carpet Cleaning Ickenham was great. The cleaner did a thorough job, leaving everything pristine. Thanks a lot!
Gregorio O.19/07/2024
     What a brilliant clean of my sofa and rug--they look new again! He was such a pleasant and helpful person. Many thanks!
S. Hughs09/07/2024
     The team was superb, and their job was excellent. Thanks for the help around my home.
Fran Lowe20/06/2024
      Ickenham Cleaning Company gives extremely good service.
Amy O'Donnell10/06/2024
     Flawless service - They have never failed to provide help when needed. The cleaners were fantastic and my house was left looking spotless.
     Working with this cleaning company was a breeze. The cleaner who came to my home was skilled, diligent, courteous and adaptable.
P. Smith16/04/2024
     My experience with this cleaning service has been nothing short of fantastic!
Jane Thomas30/03/2024
     I am beyond pleased with the results of IckenhamCarpetCleaners's deep cleaning on my home. It was a breath of fresh air after dealing with the aftermath of a bathroom remodel.
Roger G.20/03/2024
     To my surprise, the clean turned out even better than I had imagined, making my old cream stair and landing carpet look like new again.
     Great service for a fair price!
Sara Fox01/12/2023
     It's never disappointing dealing with the wonderful office cleaning professionals at Ickenham Carpet Cleaners; we always find that the premises have been impeccably tidied up.
A. Bowman01/03/2023
     The upholstery cleaning service from Ickenham Carpet Cleaning helped me out massively. They were cheaper than other companies and the results, the standard of service was exceptional.
Alan M19/05/2020
     For rug cleaning, you can't have a better service than this one.
Kayleen Barnette20/09/2019
     Some single guys can cook and clean, too, you know. It's when I work overtime so much that I can't do either that I call Ickenham Carpet Cleaning for house cleaning in my flat. Their cleaners are really great.
Melvin Osbourne03/07/2019
     IckenhamCarpetCleaners has been cleaning my house regularly and I am so happy with the consistently excellent service they provide every time. The cleaners always arrive on time and do a thorough job in each room. Even the high traffic areas are made to look extremely spick and span and my carpets and sofa look wonderful after they have visited. Occasionally I hire them for some special services and I have never regretted hiring them to do it. I would definitely recommend their services to someone who is looking for a good cleaning at an affordable price.
Emily Y.04/12/2014
     My work partner suggested that I give IckenhamCarpetCleaners a call after seeing that my work space at home was getting a little over run by clutter which it definitely was! After calling you and meeting your cleaners I can only say that you've helped with things no end. My work shop is looking great and it feels like a new place all together! I was concerned about having someone in because of the nature of my work fixtures with regards to safety and hazzards etc, but your staff really take care in what they do and make it easy for me to have peace of mind when they are cleaning. Thank you so much!
     Mattress cleaning is just a massive hassle and I have regularly ended up buying a succession of brand new, expensive mattresses rather than attempt to clean them myself - it is very hard work and often ends unsatisfactorily. My cousin recommended I contact IckenhamCarpetCleaners as an acquaintance of his had had her mattress scrubbed by their team recently and been completely satisfied. I was pleased at the price and then pleased at the kind of workers they sent (diligent), and now I am pleased that my mattress is back to perfection. What a service!
Christine Owen09/10/2014
     There's only ever one company I call when it comes to making sure that I get my house cleaned in the way I need it to be done. I've been having IckenhamCarpetCleaners help me out in so many different ways recently that I might as well just hire them in a regular spot. The work they do makes such a big difference. They've shifted grease and stains which I'd long since given up on. There's only ever one company you need to call when it comes to things such as getting your house as clean as humanly possible. Cheers!
Doris Long04/06/2014
     Cleaning the place at the end of a tenancy is the biggest pain! I hate having to pack everything and then once you're already tired from that, having to clean the place, only to get charged for more cleaning! There have been many incidents where I have suffered this, so I got IckenhamCarpetCleaners round to sort out the end of tenancy cleaning this time round, which was incredible. They did it all extremely quickly, and for a lot less than I had thought it would be. I'm now wondering why I have never saved myself all of this hassle previously; it seems silly that I would put myself through so much bother now!
Eugene Hill07/01/2014