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          For rug cleaning, you can't have a better service than this one.    
Kayleen Barnette
          Some single guys can cook and clean, too, you know. It's when I work overtime so much that I...    
Melvin Osbourne
          IckenhamCarpetCleaners has been cleaning my house regularly and I am so happy with the...    
Emily Y.
          My work partner suggested that I give IckenhamCarpetCleaners a call after seeing that my work...    
          Mattress cleaning is just a massive hassle and I have regularly ended up buying a succession...    
Christine Owen
          There's only ever one company I call when it comes to making sure that I get my house cleaned...    
Doris Long
          Cleaning the place at the end of a tenancy is the biggest pain! I hate having to pack...    
Eugene Hill